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It works.



Steven is so good to work with my little brothers and teach them things.

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Birthday in Missouri

A special birthday breakfast with Daddy [a long standing tradition] and Steven. [A new tradition . . . he’s taking the picture!]

Picking out our Christmas tree for the Hanging of the Greens.

My wonderful parents.

To see the view from the other lens, click here.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Joy.

What a treasured day; to spend my birthday with my husband and my family in Missouri. : )

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Celebrating our Eleventh Month-A-Versary!

One of our favorite places to go to celebrate our month-a-versaries, is the ocean! Rebecca grew up playing at the beach, and has nostalgic feelings every time she feels sand in her shoes. In addition, you have the health benefits of all those wonderful negative ions! With those two factors, how could one not want to visit the ocean as often as possible!?

God has been so good to give us eleven precious months together. Even with the challenges He’s brought, they have truly been the happiest months of our lives. We are so blessed.

Photographing the cliffs.

Being sweet and silly: something we do well together. : )

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First Official Psalm Sing at our Church

For many years, Steven has had a vision of encouraging music in the Body of Christ. One of the ways we are trying to implement his vision for our family is by hosting our church’s very first official psalm sing.

A psalm sing is a gathering of people of all levels of musical expertise who learn to sing a psalm in four part harmony. » Continue reading “First Official Psalm Sing at our Church”

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