Posts about our pre-wedding visit


  1. Caroline Said,

    October 9, 2009 @ 11:10 am

    I am really enjoying reading about your courtship and looking forward to reading more about your wonderful life after you get married.

    When is the wedding?

  2. srl Said,

    October 15, 2009 @ 10:48 pm

    Caroline it’s… Coming up! There’s a countdown on the right hand side of the blog. 4pm CT nov 6. Visit this blog to watch live!

  3. Johanna Kautt Said,

    October 19, 2009 @ 6:45 pm

    Man, we sure are going to miss out on a wonderful, joyous wedding! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend, but thank you VERY much for inviting us. :-) We are to have a church conference (a creation conference) just 5-7 days before your wedding. I thought it wass neat that you and Becca are getting married five days after Becca’s sister Sarah’s 17th Birthday. :-)


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